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Drowning in debt, struggling to make ends meet, terrified of being out of a job,currently unemployed, buried in bills, or worried about getting by in today’s economy? People helping people,Cyber begging, online begging, or internet panhandling is the online version of traditional begging or panhandling, asking strangers for money to meet immediate and other needs – money, food, shelter, help with bills, bad finances, or just about anything.

BegsList is a FREE cyberbegging and online panhandling sites that offers a way for unfortunate people in need to practice online begging and great donation website for Good Samaritans with helping people who need it. Online and Internet begging has the clear advantage to in-person begging and panhandling on the street because it can be practiced with relative anonymity, thereby eliminating or reducing the shame and embarrassment with begging in public. Cyber Begging is also a great way to give without asking for anything in return and participate in the act of philanthropy with helping people.

Making my way out of de...
by samuelgregorovic

I got into deep trouble in terms of money. My mother borrowed me 2000€ to buy a notebook and repair a car. I b...

  • 0%funded
  • €1,500target
  • 3 days to go
Pay it forward car repa...
by Justin barber

I have three months till I go into the military I’m trying to save up money for my future but my car nee...

  • 0%funded
  • $1target
  • 13 days to go
College Student in Need
by ringergerri

Hello , My name is Gerri I am a 23 year old nursing student who is currently in need very bad. I am in school ...

  • 0%funded
  • $5,000target
  • 4 days to go
Trying to get home to f...
by InternationalLifeStyle

I recently received a text from my fiance of two years saying he no longer wants to ever talk to me again and ...

  • 0%funded
  • $1target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Homeless mom
by Tales777

Me n my 5yr old son were kicked out of our home and we are living in my car and in hotels sometimes…we n...

  • 0%funded
  • $50target
  • 391 days to go
Do you need free help ...
by Offerhelp

Getting out of debt and organizing your financial life isn’t rocket science. You just need to be extreme...

  • 0%funded
  • $1target
  • Ended Unsuccessful
Fund my exam please
by Nickie28

Hi, my name is Nickiema. I’m trying to get my nursing license which cost $200. I’m in a really bad...

  • 0%funded
  • $200target
  • 3 days to go
Help my pregnant wife. ...
by jgr33n

I am looking for help for my pregnant wife. I lost my job and our health insurance 3 weeks ago after a near fa...

  • 0%funded
  • $1target
  • 216 days to go

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